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A Demon’s World Roleplaying Rules
1.) This is an invite only project. If people voice their interest it’s possible for us to invite you, but in the end, this is invite only. Do not take it personally if we do not let you in, it’s for practical reasons, that’s all. People who get invited will become members of our group ADemonsWorld There are no common members, this group only has contributors, co-founders, and founders involved due to the responsibility involved in the group.
2.) Members of this group have a quota to meet. Each month they must submit at least one submission to the group, no matter what it is. If members do not have the time to do this, then they need to take it up with me so we can discuss how to keep them active.
3.) A Demon’s World is simple, each player makes up a political title that gives them power. The current ranking of players is in the middle of the hierarchy. The eventual plan of this project is to build up resources and characters to win against angel characters who will be introduced at a later date.
4.) Demon creation rules:
a.) We form a moderately high rank in the government. Because of this rank, we must perform decent job functions for the government. So each actual player in the rp must have a main character that preforms a function. We negotiate what we want to do, each of us are in the same class or classes of similar ranking, so we need to make sure there are equals. If we do decide to do a hierarchy, then since I formed this group, I would have the highest ranking, but that would be unfair at this point so I suggest the former. Players must have an offensive class (either magical or warrior) and a political title (king, duke, prince, etc).
b.) Users need to decide on what powers they have FAIRLY. You can have 1-3 major powers and infinite minor powers. For example, since I am a light bringer I can use light control gravity and freeze/slow time to a minor degree. Those are my major powers. Things that can be considered minor powers are powerful presences, mind reading, telepathy, telekinesis, etc. Major powers are powers that can't ever be blocked, while minor powers are those that if one is clever enough, can be deflected.
c.) Maintaining this will be a lot of work, You play as your main chara and as any servant you think is necessary to carry your plots. You MUST have the character initially designed before you use them. You'll need at least a visual reference posted on your profile or on another website to the public. This will be the most difficult rule to uphold, especially for me since I commission all my work. However, some exceptions can be made. If you bought an adoptable design, but haven't made the ref yet, then you can use them, but not for any major plots. They will be considered "in training". My definition of “reference” is a visual submission of your chara (whether servant or main character) with a lot of information in the submission itself or in the description. Layout follows as such:
i.) Nephilim or Natural?
ii.) Element? Sins they frequent? What exactly is this person an embodiment of, if at all? (This counts as their species or race).
iii.) Major and Minor Powers? Please be very specific, you MUST have a weakness, no matter how small or how many.
iv.) How did they rise to power, become corrupted or recruited to the demon’s side? Each playable character is a government officer or servant, so how did they get there?
v.) What is there government position (you may have to negotiate the title with the other players, but right now give me the desired title, please) or servant ranking?
vi.) How many servants do you have designed at this point or have written descriptions about? How many do you want to have or need? Please remember you have to play as the servants from time to time. If this is a servant character, how many underlings do they have or what kind of authority are they given?
vii.) Finally, what other information do you think are relevant to this character?
d.) I believe demon's greatest power is diversity. Angels are limited to having to be glorifying to god, while demons can be anything in the book: Pagan gods, mythological creatures, monsters, spirits, witches, animals, people, aliens, anything that is not of God or mortal is considered a demon, according to arrogant heaven. So there is ton of potential you can user for your charas. You CANNOT use anyone who is already famous, such as:
i.) Any famous demon already (Lucifer, Baal, Baphomet, Lilith etc., these guys are our superior who we answer to). Additionally, each player must pick one of these beings to be their direct superior in order to keep job security.
ii.) Pagan Gods – any being worshipped in mythology is off limits, PERIOD. You can make your own character be worshipped by humans, but be original please. No one is allowed to be a relative of a pagan god, BUT you are allowed to name three of them as your allies in politics. This also will help with job security.
iii.) Any creature in Angelology (Hashmalities, Ophanim, Cherubnim, Seraphnim). You are allowed to recruit these to your side, but they are allowed to have only ONE major power and 5 minor powers. If you make them as your own, they MUST be Fallen Angels no matter what. Angels are too powerful of charas in the first place, we need to limit who makes what.
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